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   Lion Intimidates Crocodile
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Crocodile Death Roll
Lion Intimidates A Crocodile… LIKE A BOSS!
LION Safety 101: Don’t Make a DAMN Move!
Buffalo Comes Back For His Friend & Throws Lion Off Him!
Skateboarder Ollies Over a Crocodile
Man Feeding A Crocodile With His Mouth!
Guy Plays With A Full Grown Lion!
THE LION KING Cast Sings "Circle of Life" on a plane
Canadian Crocodile Attack
Wood Or Crocodile?
Trolltunga in Norway looks straight out of ‘The Lion King’
Donald Glover To Play Simba in
Bey May Play Nala In
The Three Stooges    
"Hold That Lion!"  (1947)
The Largest Crocodile In The World! 

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