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Get min and max value from a multiple rows events

        FROM table 
        WHERE status = 1) AS FIRST_ENABLE_TIME, 
        FROM table 
        WHERE status = 0) AS LAST_DISABLE_TIME, 
FROM table

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ZF2 events for multiple modules
You are currently attaching the event listeners to the application event manager. This is a single event manager instance that will trigger all MVC events. As it is the same instance it will make no difference where you attach the listeners; they will all be triggered regardless. You will need to specifically check, in each listener, if the matched route is one that the listener should action.

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Cascading Multiple Inheritance and Events
The problem is that you're redefining the following in each class: public delegate void EventOne(); public event EventOne fireEventOne; So when you call Start() you are trying to fire the event fireEventOne in the class ClassOne, but you've hooked up the shadowed event in ClassThree like this: cThree.fireEventOne += cThree_fireEventOne; I can see why you coded it that way. You get a compiler

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How to eliminate pointer events, but not touch events?
Actually, a touch event is a specific type of pointer event based on the definition. From, Pointer Events, Section 1 A pointer can be any point of contact on the screen made by a mouse cursor, pen, touch (including multi-touch), or other pointing input device. Also: The events for handling generic pointer input look a lot like those for mouse: pointerdown, pointermove, poin

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Symfony 2 security issues with multiple providers, multiple firewalls and multiple hosts
Change public_secured_area firewall like this: public_secured_area: ... logout: path: /dashboard/logout target: /login anonymous: ~ or change app routing like this: public_logout: path: /public/logout host: Both route and logout path should be the same..

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catch OnVisibilityChanged events
I was tired of searching. I did the stupid but rapid thing: dockingManager.DockControlActivated += handler1; dockingManager.DockControlDeactivated += handler2; dockingManager.DockMenuClick += handler3; dockingManager.DockStateChanged+=handler4; dockingManager.DockStateChanging += handler5; dockingManager.DockVisibilityChanged += handler6

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