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JPA/Hibernate: on delete set null

Yes @PreRemove() is a good way to go. But you need to have the bidirectional association on the inverse side, meaning Employee should have a @OneToMany with Employee (employees under supervision). And then add this method in Employee:

private void removeAssociationsWithChilds() {
   for (Employee e : employees) {

But, if you don't want to keep track on the inverse side, meaning if you don't want to have a list of employees under supervision by the boss using @OneToMany, then you will have to do it manually via HQL just before deletion, such as update Employee e set e.boss = null where e.boss = ?, and then delete the boss.

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I think a very minor adjustment will get this working. I'm making the assumption that you're extending the built-in Java LinkedList: In your conditional: if(!this.isEmpty()) { LinkedList current = first; //LinkedList prev = null; while(current!=null) { //prev = current; if( { // Right here you need to do a this.remove

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When I started server next day to look into the issue, it was complaining about missing antlr jar file. I added antlr jar file to tomee lib folder, then Hibernate configuration is working without any issues. I am not sure why it wasn't showing missing antlr exception before, It was throwing above posted exception.

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text-transform: uppercase in CSS will display to the client text that is shown as uppercase. From a javascript point of view, the text remains as lowercase. I made a test that can be shown in this JSFiddle The way you get the value from an input would be something like var textinput = document.getElementById("yourinput").value; Before submitting to db, you should make sure to do the following

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In your code, what you need to do is to open two different session factory for different databases. For example: Configuration configA=new Configuration();//use the default hibernate.cgf.xml file Congiruration configB=new Configuration.configure('/hibernate_db2.cfg.xml') // use hibernate_db2.cfg.xml under root folder. SessionFactory sfa=configA.buildSessionFactory(); SessionFactory sfb=configB.b

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Are you sure that you have user with ID 1 stored in your database? DBUser user3 = (DBUser) session.get(DBUser.class, 1); System.out.println(user3.getUsername()); If there is no user with id equal to 1, then session.get() will return null and therefore when you call getUsername() a NullPointerException will be thrown. Try something like this: DBUser user3 = (DBUser) session.get(DBUser.class, 1)

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