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Oracle left-outer-join syntax shorthand notation (+) available in HQL?

Is there any way to specify a left outer join in HQL?

Yes, HQL does support left outer joins via explicit join syntax, and the syntax is identical to SQL's (with the implied navigation property as the join key):

from Cat as cat
    left join cat.kittens as kitten

outer is optional, viz left [outer] join

Source: HQL Query Reference

Is there a shorthand abbreviation for left outer join, like Oracle's (+)

No, AFAIK the HQL documentation makes no reference to a shorthand left outer join notation, and if HQL adheres to the trend in RDBMS to remove proprietary join syntax, as per @a_horse_with_no_name's comment, Oracle recommends against using the proprietary (+) syntax, and similarly *= in MSSql Server has been deprecated.

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