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Mark space for :after content non-breaking

I’m afraid the problem here is that when you set display: inline-block on the pseudo-element, it becomes an element that is treated as external to text (comparable to an image) and may be wrapped into the next line, even when it immediately follows a character. And if you let it default to display: inline, the width property does not apply to it, so it just doesn’t do what you want.

But you might consider a different approach. Instead of using CSS to create a visual object that looks like a filled circle, for example, you can use a character like U+25CF BLACK CIRCLE “●” and color it as desired. This sets obvious limitations, since shapes you would like to use might not exist as characters, or those characters might not be sufficiently well supported in fonts. But in simple cases, the approach might be feasible:

.state-restricted:after {
  content: "25cf";
  color: red;
<div class=state-restricted>I really,
really, really do want to prevent any
line break between this text and the :after

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