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Merging query records into one

Whilst it is possible in a SQL statement, dependant upon which RDBMS you're using, you'd be better off, in my mind, doing this procedurally, whether it be though a procedural SQL implementation E.G. Oracle's PL/SQL, or by connecting to a database from an application, E.G. a Java application etc.

Once you're in either your procedural SQL or application layer, it's simply a case of looping through the results of your query and building your result string.

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Insert Multiple records in nodejs in single Query
You just need an array of arrays, like what values is in the example you provided. Your example var arr = category_ids.split(","); var values = [ arr ]; or simply var value = [ category_ids.split(",") ];

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SQL query to select records which must have all values from another table as substring
One approach is: Select r.RuleValue from Rules r join Input i on r.RuleValue like '%' + i.RulePart + '%' group by r.RuleValue having count(distinct i.RulePart) = 3 -- or (select count(*) from Input ) UPDATE More elegant way is using NOT EXISTS to represent for ALL select * from Rules r where not exists ( select * from Input i where r.RuleValue n

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Need to rewrite query to select multiple records in secondary table
Remove the GROUP BY and it will return all of the comments. SELECT,, tc.comment FROM people AS p LEFT JOIN comments AS tc ON (tc.pID = WHERE p.projID = $project_id

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Inserting multiple records into a webSQL table using single query, data from array of objects
As Cl told you can loop the insert SQL command into one transaction as follows. var db = openDatabase('mydb', '1.0', 'my first database', 2 * 1024 * 1024); db.transaction(function (tx) { tx.executeSql('CREATE TABLE user (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,name)'); }); var userArray = [{"name": "bob"}, { "name": "lee"}]; db.transaction(function (tx) { for (var i = 0; i <userArray.

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All records being deleted when deleting records from a temp table
Not sure what you get in @TheDocumentIDs, but I suppose it should work for you. First of all as @Chris mentioned, you should check put condition to where clause and as documentIds is a list of id's it should used with IN condition and not equality, that's why you need or use sp_executesql or fill id's to a temp table. EXECUTE sp_executesql N'delete from [master_group_documen

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