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Can IIS and SQL run on the same Azure Virtual Machine?

You can definitely run IIS and SQL on the same machine. Hard to guess what is wrong without seeing the whole error or code however sqlcmd could help in troubleshooting. You can use this to verify that you are able to connect.

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where does the virtual machine files are stored in Windows Azure and how to retrieve them with Azure SDK?
The Virtual Datastore is essentially the Azure storage account where your virtual machines are stored. It contains the OS and Data Disks that comprise the VM (as Hyper-V VHD's). You can download them using any number Azure Storage tools, or write your own using your SDK of preference (such as the Azure Java SDK).

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Create Virtual Machine on Azure with Java SDK
You can use the VirtualMachineOperationsTest class in the Test Packages, here:

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Azure: A guide for an availability set for Virtual Machine with a Storage
It's not possible to have an availability set span different regions as they are created inside the container of a cloud service. If you want to have high availability across different regions, you need to use the traffic manager which allows you to combine cloud services. This does however require you to deploy 2 separate cloud services and sync the data/storage in the back yourself. Yes. You ca

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Using SSTP from Linux or Windows to get VPN access to a Microosft Azure virtual network without using Azure VPN client?
For Linux, I'm not able to get it working. But For windows, below blog is a good reference which works for me

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Problems connecting to SQL Server 2000 with Virtual Machine
Look into Bridged Networking. Here's a page that goes through the different network options you have in virtualbox.

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