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Update multiple row values to same row and different columns

This should work:

;with cte (rn, id, inst_id,
person_name, email) as (
    select row_number() over (partition by inst_id
order by id) rn, * 
    from person

update f
  person1 = cte1.person_name, 
  email1  =, 
  person2 = cte2.person_name, 
  email2  =
from firm f
left join cte cte1 on f.inst_id = cte1.inst_id and
cte1.rn = 1
left join cte cte2 on f.inst_id = cte2.inst_id and
cte2.rn = 2

The common table expression (cte) used as a source for the update numbers rows in the person table, partitioned by inst_id, and then the update joins the cte twice (for top 1 and top 2).

Sample SQL Fiddle

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