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(Libre Office / Base Database) always tries to connect ODBC using iODBC, not unixODBC on Mac OSX 10.10

I would recommend you stick with iODBC, the ODBC driver manager Apple has shipped as part of OS X since Jaguar (10.2). The version Apple bundles into Yosemite (10.10) remains a bit behind, at 3.52.6, so I would also recommend you update to 3.52.10.

iODBC and UnixODBC are built to be API equivalent, so you should just need to ensure that your drivers and DSNs are properly configured in the iODBC locations, optimally via iODBC (/Applications/iODBC/). System DSNs are recommended for most purposes.

/Library/ODBC/odbc.ini         # System
/Library/ODBC/odbcinst.ini     # System drivers
~/Library/ODBC/odbc.ini        # User DSNs
~/Library/ODBC/odbcinst.ini    # User drivers

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Cannot connect vb with database
Change your target version of the .NET framework to .NET 4.0 in your project properties. That should resolve both warnings because it will clear the second warning which will make the referenced assembly jive with the imported namespace.

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Connect to a database using php, xampp
All your files for XAMPP, should be saved in htdocs. For example, if your installation is in C:xampp then C:xampphtdocs. It could be accessed by http://localhost/. Create a folder htdocsdb, then access like http://localhost/db/connect.php

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connect laravel to a database on another ip
You should specify remote MySQL server host IP address in database.php configuration. Also you need to make sure you have enable remote connection to your MySQL database (normaly most MySQL servers are restricted to connections only from localhost). For this purpose you will need to create new database user with the following command GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'USERNAME'@'IP' IDENTIFIED BY '

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How to connect database in neoclipse?
You would point neoclipse to the data directory on disk or to the server http URL that hosts your data. Probably easier to copy your database directory contents to a neo4j-server's /path/to/neo/data/graph.db

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Using PDO to connect to Access database (.accdb)
You'll have to install (if your distro has one) or compile the pdo-odbc generic driver:

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