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CASE statement plus modulo (%)

try this:

SET @Zmienna = 0

WHILE @Zmienna < 999
    PRINT CAST(@Zmienna as varchar) +
            when (@Zmienna%3=0 AND @Zmienna%5=0) 
THEN ' hip hop'
            WHEN @Zmienna%3=0 THEN ' hip'
            WHEN @Zmienna%5=0 THEN ' hop'

    SET @Zmienna = @Zmienna + 1

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Method 1 I came up with this method; it's not necessarily efficient, but it works. Notice that you can use the length of the input (in digits) to compute its logarithm. You can use this to perform division, and therefore modulus. Specifically, first notice that 849465603662254214335539562 / (578907659710377778063722 * 1000) = 1.4... Therefore 849465603662254214335539562 - 578907659710377778

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