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Ruby: Tests not runing

You need to use a class that inherits from MiniTest::Test like this:

require "minitest/autorun"

class TestMe < Minitest::Test
  def test_true_is_true
    assert "3".is_a_number?

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I am currently working on something similar and have introduced a Data class in my project. This simply contains a bunch of static data. It's a partial class so I can structure it a bit. I have a DataOrder.cs, DataOrderLine.cs and so on. Then there's public property for example Orders, which I can use in my test to get my test data. Don't put all the data in base classes, this will be harder to m

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How can I tell if any BOOST_CHECK tests have failed so far?
BOOST_CHECK asserts on a condition that is required for the test to pass, but is not required for the test to continue executing. BOOST_REQUIRE on the other hand asserts on a condition that is required for the test to continue. Use this macro for asserts that should abort the test on failure. In your case it looks like you want to use this for every assert prior to foo.do_something().

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Functional tests using PHPUnit
I have achieved success in writing PHP functional tests using Guzzle. It allows you to perform HTTP requests like this: $client = new GuzzleHttpClient(); $response = $client->get(''); And the $client will maintain the PHPSESSIONID across requests, allowing you to perform authenticated requests by logging in and then performing requests with the same client.

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How to run also ignored tests in JUnit 4 from command line?
It turned out this is quite easy achievable with: JUnitCore junit = new JUnitCore(); BlockJUnit4ClassRunner(MyClass.class)); I will leave this answer open if anybody comes up with something better, which just prevents IgnoredClassRunner to be invoked for classes annotated with @Ignored

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Python nosetests runs tests twice
I had a similar issue. After turning up verbosity (as suggested by Schollii above) and comparing notes on this question what worked for me was deleting the (and init.pyc of course) in my main code folder (of which tests were a subdirectory).

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Ruby: Tests not runing
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