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Can any 1 suggest me, How to pass values between xaml.cs to class1.cs page?

As sugested in comments you can share data by several options:

Option 1: Using Data Binding

Option 2: Define property in your ViewModel class to pass it. Add some method to handle get player request in your view-model. For example:

  public class MainViewModel
     public string TeamID { get; set; }

     public MainViewModel()
        Players = new

     public void GetPlayer()
        string url =
        // Do something with url and tour TeamID
        var task = new
        task.OnPreExecute = this.OnPreExecute;
        task.OnError = this.OnError;


And you need to create your ViewModel once. So I suggest you to create your ViewModel in constructor of your View instead of button-click handler.

  public class MainView
     public MainView()
        this.ViewModel = new MainViewModel();

     public MainViewModel ViewModel
        get { return this.DataContext as
MainViewModel; }
        set { this.DataContext = value; }

     private void TeadIdText_TextChanged(object
sender, TextChangedEventArgs e)
         this.ViewModel.TeamID = TeamIdtxt.Text;  

     private void Btn_Ok_Click(object sender,
RoutedEventArgs e)

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