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producer consumer (using Monitor) code is not working when sleep() is used?

I see the output being printed when i use fflush(stdout)

cout<<"["<<b.consume()<<"] ";


Magnum@SimpleGuy:~ [52]$ ./a.out [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

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Trying to solve consumer-producer in java with multithreading
On recent machines, with short queues like this, you will never see actual multithreading effects like, in this case, producer and consumer taking turns unless you slow both of them down a bit. You only slowed down the consumer. Instead of using a short array, put a million Integers in a queue and see what happens.

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time.sleep is blocking the main thread, where the clock also runs. A simple solution is to just clock schedule your checking function every four seconds instead, and cancel it when the installation finishes.

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When CDI tries to make bean (Cliente) to be an Application scoped it wraps it into a proxy class. And when you pass an instance of the proxy to EclipseLink it detects the proxy class which cannot be found in its mappings. In general I do not like your solution, to have eclipse link entity passed through injection somewhere. But it is a different issue.

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RabbitMQ Consumer recovery
You can't explicitly push messages back to a Queue after they've been consumed. Terminating the process that has consumed the message should cause the message to be re-queued after a timeout period, provided that no Acknowledgement has been sent, and that your Queue is configured to receive acknowledgements. Consider though, that this may interrupt the ordering of messages in your Queue. For exam

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You can check for the possible status codes that may be returned by the REST response. In this case, you would get 507 with The user doesn't have enough available storage. description. For Comprehensive list of status codes refer MSDN Dev center - Returned status codes.

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