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Method vs. Function invocation pattern

There is no difference between the person.calculateAge and person.greet as both will be added as a property to the 'person' object. However the author is trying to explain how the 'this' keyword is set during varying execution context which normally does not depend on where the function is defined, rather it depends on how a function is invoked.
In both the cases above the 'this' keyword will be set to 'person' object as these methods are being invoked by 'person'. However while invoking yearsOld() method it will no more point to 'person' object as it is being invoked by person.calculateAge.
I would recommend to take a look at Mozilla Dev link to understand 'this'.

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I solved it by manipulating the code on that link a little import; import org.objectweb.asm.*; import org.objectweb.asm.commons.*; public class App{ public static void main( String[] args ) { try { Test test = new Test(); test.findCallers(); }catch (Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); } } } class Test

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Your extension method is unnecessarily complicated, and may be obfuscating an error originating in your delegate. This is all you need: public static void InvokeThreadSafeMethod( this System.Windows.FrameworkElement control, Action method) { if (control.Dispatcher.CheckAccess()) method(); else control.Dispatcher.Invoke(method); } If you're getting a cross-thread

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If I understood your question correctly, you can try the following: public abstract class Reporting { public void setUp(Job job) { // set things up } public void tearDown(Job job) { // post-processing stuff } public void process(Job job) { setUp(job); doProcessing(job); tearDown(job); } public abstract void doProcessing(Job job); } public class Processor1 ext

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You can use TaskScheduler.FromCurrentSynchronizationContext to get the task scheduler for current synchronization context(For UI thread), and store it in a field for later use. Then when you're interested to start any task in UI thread, you have to pass the uiScheduler to the StartNew method, so that TPL will schedule the task in the provided scheduler(UI thread in this case). Anyway you decided

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