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Get Attributes of HTML 5 Circles in Javascript

element.value; gets the value of a plain JavaScript object, not a jquery object.

$('circle').data('cx'); gets the value of the attribute data-cx="" or a value setted previously with the method $('circle').data('cx', 'whatever');

To fetch the cx and cy values, use :

var x_val = $('circle').attr('cx');
var y_val = $('circle').attr('cy');


to iterate into multiple circles :

var x_val, y_val;
$circleArray = $('circle'); //get all circles

$circleArray.each(function(idx, el){//go through
each circle

  x_val = $(el).attr('cx');//get cx
  y_val = $(el).attr('cy');//get cy

  $('#result').append(idx+': '+x_val+' /
'+y_val);//here: print the values, but replace
this with whatever you need

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