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how to remove a route from routes table

just we need to create an object of route.

//Create the object of particular
var rr = new
new MvcRouteHandler())
                Defaults = new
System.Web.Routing.RouteValueDictionary(new {
controller = "MyPages", action = "en" }),
                DataTokens = new
System.Web.Routing.RouteValueDictionary(new {
namespaces = new[] { "MGP_RealState.Controllers" }

//delete the router                

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The approach that I would take is to build an add-on, as mentioned in the comments. And maybe, depending on your needs, add some initializers that inject objects and anything you like to all your routes or controllers in your app. See: Dependency Injection & Service Lookup For an example of an add-on that uses initializers you can check Ember Simple Auth

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Here's one idea. Note that it uses an documented hack in the form of a 'group by/order by' trick: UPDATE designs d JOIN ( select matcher_id , select_id from `designer` d1 JOIN designer d2 ON = group by Order by ) x ON x.matcher_id = d.des_id SET d.des_id = sel

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How about Ember.Route.extend({ actions: { willTransition: function(transition) { if (transition.get('targetName').indexOf(this.get('routeName')) === false) { // moving to a sibling or higger route } } } }); May need adjustments according to your route names.

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parallelProcessing just means that if you give more than one endpoint to the recipientlist these endpoints will be processed in parallel. See documentation to parallelProcessing: Camel 2.2: If enabled, messages are sent to the recipients concurrently. Note that the calling thread will still wait until all messages have been fully processed before it continues; it's the sending and proces

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Your route should look like: resources :tweets, only: [:create] do get :spam, on: :member end When you define resource (in singular) you're basically saying that you don't want to reference an ID

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