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Get the unknown length of number from input

First off, massive kudos for testing the return value from scanf, most people just blindly assume it works. It's just a shame you're using it in the wrong way :-)

You want the loop to continue as long as the return value is 1, meaning that you managed to scan an integer. That means it should be:

while (scanf ("%d", &i) == 1) {

That also means that any non-numeric input will cause scan failure and hence the while loop will exit. So, if you enter:

3 1 4 1 5 9 stop

you should successfully see the numeric values from the array.

The only other thing is to clean up your j handling since the k loop will stop early. This can be done with:

for (k = 0; k <= j; k++) {

Alternatively, leave that loop alone and just change how you initialise and modify j:

int j = 0;
arra[j++] = i;

I tend to find the second choice more C-like since j is then a count of the elements in the array rather than the maximum index.

And, of course, you're open to a buffer overflow attack at the moment since you assume nobody will enter more than a hundred numbers. So, don't use this as a homework solution (what you have is good enough with the slight bug fixes) but I'd tend to write it as something like:


#define SZ 100

int main (void){
  int arra[SZ], i, nxt = 0;

  while ((nxt < SZ) && (scanf ("%d",
&(arra[nxt])) == 1))
  printf ("

  for (i = 0; i < nxt; i++)
    printf ("%d ", arra[i]);

  return 0;

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