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azure notification hub send with templateHub

Single device may have several template registrations. In that case some name is required to maintain them on device. Device SDKs usually use it.

For sending purposes only tags are used. So template name does not really matter for the sending perspective.

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azure notification hub tag limits
Broadcast (tag size) - Limited to 10K means that number of devices with same tag is limited by 10K. Example: You have application which sends advertising according food preferences, At some point you decide to send a message to all pizza-lovers and you are going to use tag 'pizza' to do it, If your hub has more than 10K registrations with tag 'pizza', then send call will be failed by the No

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How to register devices to Azure Notification Hub from server side(with NodeJS sdk) ?
Look at open source SDK for server side. I've never tried it out, but should be OK because any SDK is just a wrapper for REST API.

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How to suppress notification on lock screen in Android 5 (Lollipop) but let it in notification area?
You could set the notification's priority to PRIORITY_MIN. This should hide the notification on the lock screen. It also hides the icon from the statusbar (not sure if you want that), but the notification itself is still visible in the notification area.

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Apple Push Notification : Can we remove some text from notification message before it has to be displayed to user on iphone
The payload data which we send to APNS server is going to display on device. If you have to remove some text then it must have to remove before sending to APNS server. You can not manage notification text message.

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open notification sound not working but notification coming
Generally this issue occurs because of sound file may not be added to target bundle resources. Select project file--> Target--> Build phases--> Copy bundle resources Then add your sound file if it's not listed. The sound file should be in allowed format (.caf,.aiff etc..)

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