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I get an error " Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" using reflection in wpf

The visibility property in RadioButton is a Dependency Property.

DependencyObject radioButton =

It could also be that you are trying to access it on a non-UI thread. But seriously...I am groping in the dark with your question, since you haven't given ANY information at all.

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Java Bean null point exception & invocation target exception
You didn't properly instantiate bankBean prior to calling initial() method. You have to do something like this: // Obtain InitialContext (ctx) object BankBeanRemote bankBean = ctx.lookup("BankBean"); .... BigDecimal initial = bankBean.initial(); This should get rid of your NPE.

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Calling Compile().DynamicInvoke within an extension method causes a "target of an invocation" error in WPF, but not WinForms
Your extension method is unnecessarily complicated, and may be obfuscating an error originating in your delegate. This is all you need: public static void InvokeThreadSafeMethod( this System.Windows.FrameworkElement control, Action method) { if (control.Dispatcher.CheckAccess()) method(); else control.Dispatcher.Invoke(method); } If you're getting a cross-thread

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SetValue on Propertyinfo Target Exception object doesn't match target type error
Looks like you are trying to set the value of the property on the PropertyInfo object that represent the property you want to set rather than on props which is the instance of the class. You are also retrieving the PropertyInfo a second time while looping through the properties of props so I have removed that. I am also assuming you are actually going to do something with props once you get this c

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Unreported exception ...... must be caught or declared to be thrown; despite *thrown* keyword
Since you have not shown us the actual compilation errors, etc, I can't be sure, but I suspect that there are multiple classes called PolicyException, and that you are declaring the wrong one: Check the precise wording of the compilation error(s) Check your import statements.

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Check if exception is thrown in try..catch..finally
If you only want self.val to be assigned when an exception occurs, put the assignment in the except instead of the finally. class Test: def __init__(self, d): self.val = None try: self.row_number = 1 = d['name'] self.address = d['address'] except Exception, ex:

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