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Unexpected output in my simple class function. Why?

Please try this:

int getPay() {
    if (hoursWorked <= 35) 
        return hoursWorked * hourlyPayRate;
    else if (hoursWorked > 35)
        // Hourly rate for the first 35 hours and
1.5 time for 
        // the remaining = (hours -35)
        return (35 * hourlyPayRate ) +
((hoursWorked-35) * (hourlyPayRate * 1.5)); 

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Now that I understand your requirement better (my fault), here's a more fleshed out solution. prompt$ cat #!/bin/bash if ${testMode:-true} ; then echo "processing file $1 into outfile ${1%/*}/../overallenergy.out" 1>&2 else [[ -f "$1" ]] && grep 'E-SUM-OVERALL' "$1" > ${1%/*}/../overallenergy.out || echo "no file "$1" found" 1>&2 fi Run prompt

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According to C++ Reference, you are right. As pointed out in the comments, for the string implementation you use, the arguments are switched. For the second example, you print the sign (111-1)/2 = 55 = '7' for ' ' = 32 times. Swap the arguments to string(' ',(111 - s.length()) / 2) and it should work better.

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why don't you get rid of the Left Join? This makes it easier to read. SELECT table_A.*, table_B.*, table_C.*, table_D.* FROM table_A INNER JOIN table_B ON table_A.my_field = table_B.my_field LEFT JOIN table_C ON table_B.my_field = table_C.my_field and table_B.complete ='1' LEFT JOIN table_D ON table_C.my_field = table_D.my_field

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