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why `arguments` is a Array-like in JS function?

Just try and you get it:

$ js 


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C++ function make array based on arguments
declaration ofint x[y]shadows a parameter effectively means that you're "hiding" another variable. How should the compiler differentiate between your string argument called x and the array called x? It doesn't! They both got the same name so there's no way to access the string anymore. That said the size of an array in C++ must be known at compile time, which isn't the case in your code. Some co

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Call php function from bash - with arguments
What you want is $argv So for example, your script would be called like this: php /path/to/script.php 'Hello, ' 'World!' Then in your PHP file: <?php $arg1 = $argv[1]; $arg2 = $argv[2]; echo concat($arg1, $arg2); function concat($arg1, $arg2) { return $arg1 . $arg2; }

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How can I pass all arguments to my callback function?
The answer is, I believe, call_user_func_array. I know it seems a bit archaic in the era of the splat operator, but I think it's the best option in 5.4. public function each() { $callback = func_get_arg(0); $args = func_get_args(); if (is_callable($callback)) { foreach ($this->results as $result) { $args[0] = $result; call_user_func_

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a javascript function called without arguments
If you call a JavaScript function without arguments then all its parameters receive a value of undefined (not null which is a different value). So calling Banana.reloadUser() is just the same as: Banana.reloadUser(undefined, undefined) In your code this is perfectly ok, the condition: if ($.isFunction(cb)) { will fail because undefined is not a function, and later on the condition: if

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error: too few arguments to function 'std::vector
Your definition goes like:- std::vector<std::string> buymngr(FILE *buyfp) so it's expecting FILE* type as its argument whereas you're calling it:- buymngr(); without any arguments.

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