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Errors during compilation of C code

Over the line i have posted below from your code, You are ending the main method with the second brace. That is not a very good idea, as you have code below that brace.

double)={&addition, &subtraction,
&division, &multiplication};
(*func[inputfunc-1])(inputnum1, inputnum2); 
} //end while

}  //end main method

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OpenGL does not load files for you, it does not even know about the concept of files at all. glShaderSource expects the source code as a string (or a series of separate strings). You just provide a file name, which is now interpreted as GLSL source code, and of course is not a valid program. Note that the arcsynthesis tutorial comes with full source code, so there is no need to improvise anything

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Your code compiles on my local version of rust (which I updated this morning from the github repository). The trait Zero has been deprecated recently and Float::zero() was created at the same time. Make sure your rust version is up to date.

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If you have successfully made use of the library binary in compiling your code, there is no technical reason that you need the source to build it again. If the library isn't compatible with your current build environment, your code relying on the binary would not compile. (or should not compile without warning if proper soname/version checks are included) That said, there is probably a reason tha

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This is definitely an optimization that a small set of people are interested in and are pursuing. The Google search term to find information on it is "supercompilation". I believe there are at least two approaches floating about at the moment. It seems one of the big tradeoffs is compilation-time resources (time and memory both), and at the moment the performance wins of paying these costs appear

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Firstly 35secs is not that long for a compile of a "large" project. The projects and files in those projects shouldn't be about minimizing compile time, it should be about packaging and managing dependencies. Compile times depend on a lot of things. Solutions with multiple projects can skip the compilation of projects when nothing has changed, however if you change code in a project early in

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