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wkhtmltopdf offsetHeight difference

I also encountered the same issue but with wkhtmltopdf 0.11.

I found out that these pre 0.12 versions does not support the --viewport-size parameter, the application will not have a proper "window" width.

Also notice that none of your HTML elements have an explicit width value set. This will result in a very thin "virtual window" where the application renders your HTML. And this will result in having the inner text split in multiple lines, with the node having very high height value.

What i could do to fix this issue is to explicitly set the desired width of one of the html elements. (the widest one so the wkhtmltopdf could use that as "window" width)

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wkhtmltopdf with wicked_pdf issue?
Not a solution, for this, but maybe it helps: wkhtmltopdf was an experiment, that was a mistake and it's no longer supported. If you want use a free tool, than i recommend for you: phantomjs. This tool can also generate pdf:

Categories : Ruby On Rails
wkhtmltopdf page-break-after have whitespace
The solution i found was to set the page size to A3, which make all the clever printerfriendly stuff work. I use this WKHTMLTOPDF call: /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf --page-size 'A3' --encoding 'UTF-8' '<LINK TO PAGE>' '/tmp/PDFX6BefV'

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Prevent Wkhtmltopdf for output Status
Finally I got the Solution, By Using the exec function of PHP.It Just execute the command and don't send the out put while system function outputs the execution output. So my script looks like now : exec("wkhtmltopdf http://localhost/advisory_system/frontend/index.php/Analysis/fpdf /opt/lampp/htdocs/pdf_testo/test1/pdf_final_testA_$i.pdf 2>&1");

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Prawn + WickedPDF: Using Prawn on wkhtmltopdf/WickedPDF generated PDF's
I've just started looking into PDF generators. On this forum, one post mentions that he had scaling issues while using gems that relied on wkhtmltopdf, but didn't experience the problems if he called that library directly. Hope this helps! I'll update this answer once I get started if I have the same issue but am able to resolve it. Cheers!

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What is the difference between x^2 and I(x^2) in R?
The I() function means 'as is' whereas the ^n (to the power of n) operator means 'include these variables and all interactions up to n way' This means: I(X^2) is literally regressing Y against X squared and X^2 means include X and the 2 way interaction of X but since it is only one variable there is no interaction so it returns only itself i.e. X. Note that in your formula you say X + X^2 which

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