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Split String by Carriage Return C

Are you doing this way?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main (void)
    char str[] = "GET /pub/WWW/TheProject.html
    char* pch = NULL;

    pch = strtok(str, "

    while (pch != NULL)
", pch);
        pch = strtok(NULL, "
    return 0;


/pub/WWW/TheProject.html HTTP/1.1   

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Carriage Return SQL Server
The output data shows that it is single record. Even if you have carriage return data, sqlserver display as a continue string. What I suggest, you can check at ui level. If still you have issue, then you can use CHAR(10) + CHAR(13) combination for CR. or you can use <r> or to show in html.

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sql loader- files with carriage return, line feed load into oracle with cr/lf
Here is the solution that works for me. Instead of replacing the carriage return/line feed(cr/lf) in the extracted flat file with [#crlf#] I retain the cr/lf in the extracted data file. And then I changed my ctl file to handle the cr/lf with INFILE Clause with file name and " str ' ' ". For Unix env we need where in for windows we can use either or . see below load data INFILE 'filename.

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How would I split this string?
That seems like a JSON string so use a Json Parser... PHP: JSON_decode $parsedStr = json_decode($yourString, true); you can access sites array in $parsedStr['sites'] So, to access the id of the first site: echo $parsedStr['sites'][0]['id']; Java check this answer in SO Decoding JSON String in Java

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How to split a string and get I want in c++?
how about: #include <cstdio> #include <cctype> #include <vector> #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; struct CigarOp { char op; //!< CIGAR operation type (MIDNSHPX=) int size; //!< CIGAR operation length (number of bases) static int parse(const char* s,vector<CigarOp>& v) { char* p=(char*)(s);

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As far as I can see, QString does not support unicode characters greater than U+FFFF. In this test script you can see that it fails to calculate string size correctly for those characters: #include <QDebug> int main() { QList<QByteArray> list; list << QByteArray("a"); list << QByteArray("ö"); list << QByteArray("➜"); list << QByteArray("

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