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Implementing OnModelCreating in mvc5

Entity framework model caching is done only at the AppDomain level, so if you build you project, restart IIS or recycle the application pool the caching will be gone. To quote from the link you shared:

The model for that context is then cached and is for all further instances of the context in the app domain.

I think the problem is , there is mismatch between the schema and the mapping file. Can you double check the database, connection string and schema/mapping files?

Some additional information can be gained by running SQL Profile, as it can show you the exact query that is being executed when the error happens. But you will need to configure the profiler to show the errors.

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There is no need for implementation in a .cpp file - What is in the header is enough. Incidentally, you don't actually need a class to hold an enum. simply writing enum Color {Red, Blue, Green}; is enough. You can think of it as a cleaner way to write: #define Red 0 #define Blue 1 #define Green 2 #define Color int There are several fundamental differences but the point is that this too can be

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I found a very easy fix to this problem. I was able to get this working by running the commands below. On my remote development machine: ($remote_host) adb kill-server On my laptop: adb kill-server adb start-server ssh -N -R 5307:localhost:5307 $remote_host And, finally on my remote development: adb start-server I was then able to run adb devices on my remote machine (using an SSH tunnel

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