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Substring in c without using functions

There are a number of ways to recreate strstr. The following is a quick implementation using the inch-worm method, where you simply use pointers to search for the beginning of the substring in string, then if found, compare every character in substring with the corresponding character in string. If all characters match, the substring is found, return a pointer to the beginning of substring in string.

If a character fails the test, look for another character in string that matches the first character in substring, until string is exhausted.

There are probably several more checks that can be inplemented, but this example should get you started:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

char *strstr2 (char *str, char *sub)
    if (!str || !sub) return NULL;              /*
validate both strings    */

    char *p = NULL;                             /*
general pointer          */
    char *sp = NULL;                            /*
substring pointer        */
    char *rp = NULL;                            /*
return pointer           */
    char matched = 0;                           /*
matched flag             */
    size_t szstr = 0;                           /*
string length            */
    size_t szsub = 0;                           /*
substring length         */

    p = sub;
    while (*p++) szsub++;                       /*
strlen of substr         */

    p = str;
    while (*p++) szstr++;                       /*
strlen of str            */

    if (szsub > szstr) return NULL;            
/* szstr < szsub - no match */

    p = str;

    while (p < (p + szstr - szsub + 1))
        while (*p && *p != *sub) p++;     
     /* find start of sub in str */

        if ((str + szstr) == p) return NULL;    /*
if end reached - no sub  */

        rp = p;                                 /*
save return pointer      */
        sp = sub;                               /*
set sp to sub            */
        matched = 1;                            /*
presume will match       */
        while (*sp)                             /*
for each in substring    */
            if (*p++ != *sp++) {                /*
check if match fails     */
                matched = 0;                    /*
if failed, no match      */
                break;                          /*
break & find new start   */
        if (matched)                            /*
if matched, return ptr   */
            return rp;                          /*
to start of sub in str   */

    return NULL;                                /*
no match, return NULL    */

int main() {

    char *string = NULL;
    char *substr = NULL;
    char *begin = NULL;

    printf ("
Enter string : ");
    scanf ("%m[^
]%*c", &string);

    printf ("
Enter substr : ");
    scanf ("%m[^
]%*c", &substr);

    if ((begin = strstr2 (string, substr)) !=
        printf ("
Substring found beginning at : %s

", begin);
        printf ("
Substring NOT in string.


    if (string) free (string);
    if (substr) free (substr);

    return 0;


$ ./bin/strstr

Enter string : This is the full string or

Enter substr : g or "

Substring found beginning at : g or "haystack".

$ ./bin/strstr

Enter string : This is the full string or

Enter substr : g or '

Substring NOT in string.

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