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AWS::S3::PermanentRedirect in SongsController#index "The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint"

So, you can do something like that:

      :access_key_id     => 'my access key',
      :secret_access_key => 'my secret key'

So, now you can replace BUCKET with ENV['BUCKET'] in your controller.

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The class that has the dragEnterEvent and stuff overridden is named Browser, however you do not instantiate it, instead you instantiate QTreeWidget: QTreeWidget *MyTree = new QTreeWidget(centralWidget); So that is the reason why no members from Browser will get called. You perhaps wanted to write: QTreeWidget *MyTree = new Browser(MyDevice, centralWidget); Or something like that.

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What is a bucket brigade?
Ah, welcome to the least documented parts of the PHP manual! [I opened a bug report about it; maybe this answer will be helpful for documenting it:] The bucket brigade To start with your initial question, the bucket brigade is just a name to the resource named userfilter.bucket brigade. You are passed two different brigades in as first and second parameters

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Bucket permissions on Amazon
The fact that "anyone can still access" your objects suggests that you have granted default access to objects, and you are then trying to Deny access that does not have a signature (Pre-signed URL). If you wish to only provide access to objects in Amazon S3 by using a Pre-Signed URL, then you do not require a Bucket Policy. To explain... By default, all objects in Amazon S3 are private. You can

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Amazon S3 secure URL at the bucket level
When you create a pre-signed URL, that is done completely locally. You could do it "by yourself", but it is much easier to use the SDK, and there would be no practical diferences. See that there is no "sign" action on the S3 API. However, you can not sign at the "bucket level", as signature is checked per-object. I believe signing a whole bucket would not be feasible.

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