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Change a Property's type using reflection

No. The type of any class member, whether field, property, or method return value, as well as the types of any method parameters, is determined at compile time.

In your example, you could store an Int32 in the property. It would be "boxed", and you could cast it back to Int32 as needed. But the type of the property itself would remain Object.

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Here's a converter that will handle it, at least for simple objects as per your example. It looks for objects containing objId properties and then serialises all properties it finds on them. You may need to expand it to deal with other member types/more complex properties as required: class MyConverter : JsonConverter { public override void WriteJson(JsonWriter writer, object value, JsonSer

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Change property of component from template based on parent
I made corresponding example. If you had only one color to set you could use Tag property since it is DependencyProperty. Create then two attached properties and get to them as follows: <Button local:Color.CustomBackground="CadetBlue"> <Button.Template> <ControlTemplate TargetType="Button"> <ContentPresenter>

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Change property value of a existing bean in spring at run time
The documentation says that these fields have protected access, so you wont be able to change their values. Even if you do, by using reflection or in some other way, it's not likely that data source would just pick up these new values. It would probably have to be restarted or reinitialized in some way.

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how to change the text in an AbstractCell created using uibinder getting error Cannot set property 'textContent' of null
A much easier way to implement these requirements is to create a custom widget as opposed to a custom cell. This custom widget (e.g. "CarCard") may consist of two icons, any number of labels, etc. It will also have methods for setting the text for each label, click handlers for left and right arrows, etc. You can use a UiBinder to create this custom widget. Then, as you load your list of cars, yo

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you have to write in your css (maybe an Example for color red): .widget-title { color: #ff0000; } you can also give the color an important if it doesn't work .widget-title { color: #ff0000 !important; }

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