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Toggle buttons contents when single button clicked

The simple way

The simple way is making 2 keyboards with identical layout, one for displaying the normal characters and the other is for displaying the "shifted characters". Stack one keyboard on top of the other, and toggle the visibility of the keyboards based on the state of the shift button, you can do this in the shift button's Checked and Unchecked event handlers (declare shift button as a ToggleButton).

The binding way

If you are using MVVM pattern, you can bind the shift key state to a Boolean property in you view model, for example, ShiftPress, so when you toggle the shift key, the ShiftPress is updated automatically.

And this time you only need to define one keyboard. And you need to bind the key's UI and Command (the execution logic when a key is pressed) to this ShiftPress property.

And you end up with a keyboard something like this (this is not working code, just illustrating how to bind key's UI and command to view model properties).

<ItemsControl x:Name="myKeyboard"
ItemsSource="{Binding Characters}">
            <Button Content="{Binding Char,
Converter={StaticResource myConverter}, 
ShiftPress, RelativeResource...}}", 
                CommandParameter="{Binding Char}"

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