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Splitting a Large JSON File Into Multiple Files

if your JSON formatted as followed:

  {page: 1},

Then you can to use console editors like awk/sed with csplit tool.

Anything like this:

cat 1.json
arth@arth-MIT:~$ cat 1.json
 {page: 1},
 {page: 2},
 {page: 3},
 {page: 4},
 {page: 5},
 {page: 6},
 {page: 7},
 {page: 8},
 {page: 9},
arth@arth-MIT:~$ rm xx* ; SIZE=$((10+1)) ; cat
1.json | awk "ORS=NR%$SIZE?RS:"
"" | csplit - $(($SIZE+2))
arth@arth-MIT:~$ cat xx00
 {page: 1},
 {page: 2},
 {page: 3},
 {page: 4},
 {page: 5},
 {page: 6},
 {page: 7},
 {page: 8},
 {page: 9},

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