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Why is return value optimization happening here

Because you've quoted an irrelevant paragraph. The relevant one is the one above (from the same source):

If a function returns a class type by value, and the return statement's expression is the name of a non-volatile object with automatic storage duration, which isn't the function parameter, or a catch clause parameter, and which has the same cv-unqualified type as the return type of the function, then copy/move is omitted.

Any of the stated conditions permit copy elision.

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jq click() not happening as expected
You are triggering the click before binding it. Correct order is: ... $('.butin').click(function() { // bind the click handler alert("clicked!") }); if (val) { goTo(val); // now you can trigger it } ... See this updated fiddle:

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AngularUI Datepicker without filter, what's happening?
Both displayed dates are the exact same moment. They are just formatted differently. When you instantiate a date, your browser uses your current timezone (1st of January 2015 at midnight in Italy, so UTC+1). When using a date filter, Angular displays your date in your current timezone whereas it displays the UTC date without. Just try: var date = new Date(2015,0,1); date.toString(); // -> "T

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Spring Web service unmarshalling not happening correctly
Answering my own question after getting frustrated for hours.There seems to be problem with the namespaces in wsdl.I changed following 2things in wsdl and generated the classes again resulting in proper responses. xmlns:tns1="" to xmlns:tns1="" targetNamespace="" to targetNamespace="" for element FSChild. It was lit

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Storyboard animation happening AFTER all the code is read. Need it to happen BEFORE
The reason it does not seem to start until after the work is done, is because you are calling Wait() on your Tasks. That causes the thread to block until they are completed - unfortunately, that thread is your UI thread which is also responsible for spinning the wheels. This means that you are starting the animation, immediately blocking the UI thread (causing your UI to hang), and then releasin

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Performance optimization in R
This might be a littler faster... not sure why you were calculating n. calc=function(response, groundTruth, classes, threshold) { type1 = classes[1] type2 = classes[2] predicted = as.factor(ifelse(response<threshold,type1,type2)) I = groundTruth==type1 fp = sum(predicted[I] != type1) / sum(I) I = groundTruth==type2 tp = sum(predicted[I] == type2) / sum(I) return

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