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Implicit Type Promotion Order for Custom Class

The C++ language has no way to specify an implicit conversion precedence order and I can't see any way to meet all your requirements.

The best solution here is to remove your operator int(). I know you said you don't want that alternative , but calling .get() is only six more characters of typing, once when you first write it. Then not only does it solve your ambiguity but it can prevent obscure bugs due to implicit conversion to int. Those are the kinds of bugs where you stare at the code for two days (pretend you're maintaining your code two years later) and still can't see the bug because you don't realize the implicit conversion has been used.

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An implicit class is just a shorthand for class Foo(a: A) implicit def pimpMyA(a: A) = new Foo(a) You can annotate a class as implicit if its constructor takes exactly one non-implicit parameter. Here's the relevant doc where you can read more about it: In your specific example, it means that any Seq[A] can be implicitly lifted

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When you write project.searchFile then searchFile is not a method which belongs to the mocked object but to the RichProject class. So Mockito can not mock it and will try to execute it. I don't fix there is a fix for this other than mocking the RichProject class itself.

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The hook you need is: woocommerce_order_status_changed add_action("woocommerce_order_status_changed", "my_awesome_publication_notification"); function my_awesome_publication_notification($order_id, $checkout=null) { global $woocommerce; $order = new WC_Order( $order_id ); if($order->status === 'completed' ) { // Create a mailer $mailer = $woocommerce->mailer();

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I am assuming the job A is the one that has the promotion process configured. Perhaps you would store the Kitver into a file and archive it has a build artifact. When the promotion process runs, it has a parameter, PROMOTED_BUILD, which is the build which is being promoted. If you pass that number to job D as a parameter, D can get the file and read the Kitver. Alternatively you can get the fi

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You don't want to memoize the table data. I've created a pull request with the fix: Hard to summarize here, although I know Stackoverflow doesn't like us relying on links.

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