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Adding axis to the dynamic line chart in d3

You can animate the axis by merely doing a .call(xAxis) on the old x-axis. However, you are not updating the scales while animating the data. Hence, you will need an alternate scale to be able to do it well:

// X scale will fit values from 0-10
within pixels 0-100
var x = d3.scale.linear().domain([0,
48]).range([-5, width]);

// Create a copy of the scale so that the original
data still follows
// the correct scale.
var xAxisScale = x.copy();
var xaxis= d3.svg.axis().scale(xAxisScale);

// ...

// Add the class x-axis to be able to retrieve the
axis for animation later.
graph.append("g").classed('x-axis', true)
    .attr("transform", "translate(0, 160)")

    function redrawWithAnimation() {
        // ...

        var oldDomain = xAxisScale.domain();
        xAxisScale.domain([oldDomain[0] + 1,
oldDomain[1] + 1]);

        // Values chosen from the transition
above. Can be DRY-ied.'.x-axis')

Working demo:

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