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BackgroundWorker cancellation

You method should periodically check for CancellationPending property to see if the request was made for cancellation. And then take a decision to cancel the operation. See MSDN link for this.

From MSDN:

Be aware that your code in the DoWork event handler may finish its work as a cancellation request is being made, and your polling loop may miss CancellationPending being set to true. In this case, the Cancelled flag of System.ComponentModel.RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs in your RunWorkerCompleted event handler will not be set to true, even though a cancellation request was made. This situation is called a race condition and is a common concern in multithreaded programming. For more information about multithreading design issues, see Managed Threading Best Practices.


If you do not wish to pass the backgroundworker to the generateForSubject method. Set a property in the class when CancelAsync is received. And check the value of this property from generateForSubject method before each operation.

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