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Extract values from attribute selector

You can use .map() to create an array from a set of dom elements like

var array = $('.container
.entry').map(function () {
    return $(this).data('name')

Categories : Javascript

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Jquery selector not working after element attribute is modified
Use the following: $('').on('click',function(){ if($(this).is('[readonly]')) alert('Readonly true'); else alert('Readonly false'); }); With your old code, the click event was being bound to elements with readonly dependent on their initial value. This way, the value of readonly is checked on each click.

Categories : Javascript
extract values from array (php or jquery)
$todaySent = $array['stats']['today']['sent']; $lastSeven = $array['stats']['last_7_days']['sent']; $todayBounce = $array['stats']['today']['hard_bounces']; You can do whatever you want with the variables storing the values.

Categories : PHP
How to extract fitted values of GAM {mgcv} for each variable in R?
Not quite sure if I follow you correctly, but predict(model, type = "terms") might be the solution you're looking for. Update I don't think these are standardised. Possibly some of the coefficients are just negative. Consider the example from the help file ?mgcv:::predict.gam: library(mgcv) n<-200 sig <- 2 dat <- gamSim(1,n=n,scale=sig) b<-gam(y~s(x0)+s(I(x1^2))+s(x2)+offset(x3),d

Categories : R
How to extract specific values from a DEM (digital elevation model)?
Don't transform the DEM. Transform your points. Your DEM is projected over a regular grid. If you re-project it into another it may not be. Instead, make spatial points from your OSM data: require(sp); coordinates(my.OSM.points) <- long + lat Then transform them to the coordinate reference system of the DEM (note you may need to set the CRS of the points first. So you can do this: # Set p

Categories : R
extract values from multi dimensional array in php (mandrill)
array_map function comes to the rescue: implode(', ', // will prepare a string from array array_map(function($el) { // will map existing array to new values $result = array(); // prepare result foreach(array('email', 'reason') as $name) { // select only email and reason fields $result[$name] = $el[$name]; // setup result } return $result;

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