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Read all data from stdin C

POSIX-compatible: yes!

You're calling only getchar(), malloc(), realloc() and free(), all of which are standard C functions and therefore also available under POSIX. As far as I can tell, you've done all the necessary return code checks too. Given that, the code will be good in any environment that supports malloc() and stdin.

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C - stdin to variables
If you want to extract integers from a string,use sscanf(arr,"%d %d",&num1,&num2); Where arr is the array of char containing data from which you want to extract two integers and num1 and num2 are two int variables. Or else you can directly scan two ints using scanf("%d %d",&num1,&num2); It is better to check if scanf (or sscanf) is successful. Both of these will return 2(in

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Add stdin as another file to a tar archive
I don't know a way to create a "fake" file entry in a JAR archive. I'd create a normal file, add it to the archive and then delete it afterwards. You may want to try the option -A (or --concatenate), though. That would allow you to create the file in /tmp, add it to the TAR archive and then append the rest of the files in a second step. That way, you can create arbitrary paths for the VERSION fil

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Perl dies on big XML file, using STDIN
That's an XML error, not a Perl error. It does suggest you've got broken XML. You can trap it by eval in the parse. But actually - thinking about it - the problem is probably that you're only reading the first line of STDIN with your parse. Try adding: { local $/; $twig -> parse ( <STDIN> ); } However, for large XML files, I quite like XML::Twig, because it has a purge met

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freopen doesn't work for C stdin If path, mode, or stream is a null pointer, or if filename is an empty string, these functions invoke the invalid parameter handler, as described in Parameter Validation. If execution is allowed to continue, these functions set errno to EINVAL and return NULL. In short, it looks like the MSVC++ implementation of freopen does not allow for

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Reading input while also piping a script via stdin
When you cat a script to bash the code to execute is coming from standard input. Where does read read from? That's right also standard input. This is why you can cat input to programs that take standard input (like sed, awk, etc.). So you are not running "a script" per-se when you do this. You are running a series of input lines. Where would you like read to read data from in this setup? You c

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