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How can I insert a
after the first

following every 5,000 characters of some text?

You probably want to explode it into sentences, then probably select a number maybe 5 sentences in every paragraph and then insert a <hr> after every 5 sentences.

To explode text into sentences, you can look at php sentence boundaries detection

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after the first

following every 5,000 characters of some text?

regex to match graphic characters like smileys or word characters from multiple languages
The basic trouble is that the default re package (in python 2.7 at any rate) does not handle unicode very well. There is, however, a revamped regular expression package on pypi called regex that does a better job. The regex package readme states: 'The LOCALE flag is intended for legacy code and has limited support. You're still recommended to use Unicode instead.' With the regex package,

Categories : Python
Regex for password must contain at least 8 characters, at least 1 number, letters and special characters
Seems like you want something like this, ^(?=.*d)(?=.*?[a-zA-Z])(?=.*?[W_]).{6,10}$ The above regex would allow 6 to 10 characters only. And it also checks for at-least one digit, upper or lowercase letter and at-least one special character (characters other than letters and numbers).

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PHP's PDO prepared INSERT statement: am I able to define if the insert was successful?
You can use $add_rq->rowCount(). According to a comment in the documentation, it will return 1 if a new row was inserted, 2 if an existing row was updated. But apparently that's wrong, it returns 0 if a row was updated. execute() only returns false if it fails because of an error.

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Regex: words containing alphabetic characters surrounded by non-alphabetic characters
You didn't say which regex flavor you use, here's a way using PCRE: (?<!p{L})p{L}{1,2}(?!p{L}) Demo This translates your requirement in this way: groups of 1 or 2 alphabetic characters: p{L}{1,2} not preceded by an alphabetic character: (?<!p{L}) not followed by an alphabetic character: (?!p{L}) You can replace p{L} with something like [a-zA-Z] if your flavor doesn't support Unicode

Categories : Regex
RegExp must have w+ and s+ characters
You have two things: Is there a word character? Is there a space? Two things. str.match(/w/) str.match(/s/) So why are you trying to do them as one step? if( str.match(/w/) && str.match(/s/)) There are a lot of answers to my question. However, I do not want to simply pick the one that is upvoted. Please give a detailed explanation of why your regex works, and maybe why mine

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