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C++: Problems creating a child class within a parent class

I don't think it is possible for a parent class to have an instance of a child class. You can use a child class pointers instead of child class objects for your purpose.

Define child classes in separate header files.

Add forward declarations of child classes in parent class header file.

Use child class pointers instead of child class objects.

Initialize child class pointer members of parent class with corresponding child class objects in a parent method such as init(). Do not initialize them in parent constructor since it will make an infinite recursion. You will have to move the init() method to a cpp file and include child class header files in that.

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It's good practice to call the super-init-method, so I would suggest: class Character(): 'Common base class for all characters' def __init__(self, attack, defence, strength): self.attack = attack self.defence = defence self.strength = strength class Enemy(Character): 'Enemy Class' def __init__(self): Character.__init__(self, attack=random.randint(

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Firstly, I'd suggest avoiding using public fields - use properties if you want to make state public. (You're asking for a property in your reflection call, but your derived class declares a field...) At that point, you can make FullName an abstract property in the base class, and allow each derived class to implement it however they want - but you can still call it from the base class. On the ot

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The return type of the getInstance(int xmlTypeId) is WSType which is the parent. You can simply cast it to WSStringType2 because WSStringType2 extends WSStringType and WSStringType extends WSType WSType wt = WSType.getInstance(STRING); WSStringType2 wt2 = null; if (t instanceof WSStringType2) { wt2 = (WSStringType2) wt; }

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Your DownloadHandler class has a static void main method, which is the single point of entry when executing command-line programs. That method is not a constructor. What it does is initialize a new instance of DownloadHandler and invoking an instance method on that object by passing the given String argument. Not sure what's the usage there. In order for your initialization to compile, you

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