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How to tell if Windows partition is active by a path on it?

Check this Link (

PARTITION_INFORMATION has BootIndicator. but it is not guarantee about the running windows was booted by that partition.

Edited It is a example function tested on Windows7. I think 'activate' partition is not your goal. The 'activate' has meaning such as bootable USB device. I don't like WMI but it could be help your goal (

__in    LPCWSTR pPartition,
__out   PBOOL   pbIsActivated
    DWORD cbReturned = 0x00;

    if (pPartition == NULL || pbIsActivated ==
NULL) { return FALSE; }

        hDevice = CreateFileW(pPartition, 0x00,
        if (hDevice == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) {
return FALSE; }

        if (FALSE != DeviceIoControl(hDevice,
sizeof(PARTITION_INFORMATION_EX), &cbReturned,
            if (PARTITION_STYLE_MBR ==
                *pbIsActivated =

            return TRUE;
            cbReturned = GetLastError();
", cbReturned, cbReturned);
        if (hDevice != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) {
CloseHandle(hDevice); }

    return FALSE;

Call like

WCHAR   szPartition[] = L"\\.\C:";
BOOL    bIsActivated = FALSE;

if (FALSE != TP_IsPartitionActivated(szPartition,
", bIsActivated == FALSE ? L"not activated" :
    wprintf(L"function fail

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