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when running program it has me enter two lines after name? help please

There's no need for cin.ignore(); Simply write it as:

Speaker *getSpeaker()
Speaker *theSpeaker;
theSpeaker = new Speaker;
cout << "Please enter Speakers information"
<< endl;
cout << "name: " ;
getline(cin, theSpeaker->name);
cout << theSpeaker->name;
cout << "
phone number: ";
cin >> theSpeaker->phoneNumber;
cout << "
Email Address: ";
cin >> theSpeaker->emailAddress;
cout << "
Theme: ";
cin >> theSpeaker->theme;
cout << "
Fee: ";
cin >>theSpeaker->fee;

return theSpeaker;

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I guess there are only two possibilities for the issue. shared_data->sh_rct == 1. In this case, there is nothing to run in parallel. OpenMP runtime was told to limit the number of threads to only one. The later can be caused by: Prior call to omp_set_num_threads(1) OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable set to 1 Prior call to omp_set_dynamic(1) or OMP_DYNAMIC=TRUE in some cases might cause

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