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Generating a tree from nested set

I used this function, but on php, not on ruby:

//nested sets data ordered by left
$data = array(
 array("left" => 1, "right" => 10, "name"
=> "P0"),
 array("left" => 2, "right" => 7, "name"
=> "P1"),
 array("left" => 3, "right" => 4, "name"
=> "P11"),
 array("left" => 5, "right" => 6, "name"
=> "P12"),
 array("left" => 8, "right" => 9, "name"
=> "P2")

//Converter function gets nested sets array and
returns nested php array
function nest($arrData){
 $stack = array();
 $arraySet = array();
 foreach( $arrData as $intKey=>$arrValues) {
  $stackSize = count($stack);
  while($stackSize > 0 &&
$stack[$stackSize-1]['right'] <
$arrValues['left']) {

  $link =& $arraySet;
  for($i=0;$i<$stackSize;$i++) {
   $link =&
$link[$stack[$i]['id']]["children"]; //navigate to
the proper children array

  $tmp = array_push($link,  array
  array_push($stack, array('id' => $tmp-1,
'right' => $arrValues['right']));

 return $arraySet;

//Print result

function printArray($array){
 echo "<ul>";
 foreach ($array as $row){
  $children = $row['children'];
  echo "<li>";
  echo $row['item']['name'];
  if (!empty($children)) printArray($children);
  echo "</li>";
 echo "</ul>";

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