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C++ unable to assign objects passed as pointer in methods to variable

You need to declare and initialize storage for static objects:

Object_Class *MyClass::object =

void MyClass::setObject_Class(Object_Class *var) {
    object = var;

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You cannot assign an integer value to a pointer object in C. There is one special case where you can appear to do so. A constant 0 (or more generally, an integer constant expression with the value zero) is a null pointer constant. But even in that case, the value is implicitly converted to a null pointer of the appropriate type, and it's that null pointer value, not an integer value 0, that will

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Even if you are using your own buttons, you could still adapt the pattern used by swing's JButton. With JButton you have a separate ActionListener class to execute the action (or multiple actions if you add more listeners). This way you can have a common buttons class that is responsible for it's design and being clickable, but delegates any interaction to the listeners. On a click, it will just c

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You are modifying the local variable amount, instead of modifying balance. In getWithdraw, change amount = balance - amount; to balance = balance - amount; and likewise for the getDeposit method. Incidentally, it's unclear why you are calling those methods getWithdraw and getDeposit, since those methods make withdrawals and deposits, respectively. I would have called them withdraw and dep

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