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Passing references to pointers

You can't bind a reference to a temporary. One possible fix would be this:

bool insertSymbol(String& symbol,
Expression*& root) {
    if (root == nullptr) { // base case
        root = new Expression(symbol);
        return true;
    return insertSymbolHelper(symbol, root);

bool insertSymbolHelper(String& symbol,
Expression* root) {
    if ((*(*root).getSymbol()).c_str()[0] == '~')
        return insertSymbolHelper(symbol,
(*root).getLeftChild()); // Error occurs here
    // rest of code goes here

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How to find the number of pointers in an array of pointers
There is no standard way to do it. Some compilers have functions, to return the size of the allocated block, e.g. _msize in Visual Studio. If you divide that by the size of your pointers, you will get the number of elements in your "array". But apart from being non-Standard, this only works, if the "array" has been allocated dynamically and the caller intends to use the whole block for the array

Categories : C++
Prototypical inheritance and function references as applied to function references/scopes
I think it's the way you set the closure: function createBound(){ var fn = function(){console.log('this is:',this);} ,i = -1//ret items are set using the value i inside createBound //by the time we call the function the value of i is 2 ,ret = []; for(i = 0; i < 2; i++){ ret.push(function(){ console.log('i is:',i);//says 2 every time{hello:'world'}); });

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Linking pointers to pointers between classes (communicating classes)
It looks like the problem is here: Stellar::Stellar(DisplayController** _p) { *ptrDisplay = **_p; } You're dereferencing a pointer (ptrDisplay) that was never initialized. This results in undefined behavior. I think this captures what you wanted to do: Stellar::Stellar(DisplayController* _p) : ptrDisplay(_p) { } It's not necessary to pass a pointer-to-pointer-to-DisplayController; all y

Categories : C++
C++ passing argument of "struct" type as reference (&) or passing it by value
Use a constructor. struct Family { Family(const std::string& Name, int Age) : Name(Name), Age(Age) {} std::string Name; int Age; }; // use like: Family me{"AName", 45}; // or Family me("AName", 45); on old compilers

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Changing References Folder (Assemblies) to /bin
It isn't <Probing>. It is <probing>. XML is case-sensitive. <configuration> <runtime> <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1"> <probing privatePath="bin"/> </assemblyBinding> </runtime> </configuration> should do it, in the Test.exe.config file.

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