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Character encoding and types - C/C++

Use the Win32 API funxtion MultibyteToWideChar to convert the stuff you read to "wide" which is UTF-16. I think the stream classes and/or FILE streams have a conversion mode, which would be exactly what you need.

wchat_t is a 16-bit UTF-16 code point in Windows. Other platforms often make wchar_t 32 bits and have different conventions.

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Is utf-8 a character set or an encoding?
"Character encoding is used to represent a repertoire of characters by some kind of an encoding system." - Wikipedia. UTF-8 is a character set. It defines which binary values represent a character in an encoding system. E.g. in UTF-8 a = 01100001. Without a charset, the web browser / server may choose to use a different value for the letter a. Which can lead to all sorts of issues. In an HTML5

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Special characters Å Ö Ä showing � character using UTF-8 encoding during JSON paring Android
Try this HttpClient httpclient = new DefaultHttpClient(); HttpPost httppost = new HttpPost(url); JSONObject myjson= new JSONObject(); myjson.put("name", "ÅsdfÖ")); httppost.setEntity(new StringEntity(myjson.toString(), "UTF-8")); httpResponse = httpclient.execute(httppost); Mark answer as right if it works for you.

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Can an email header have different character encoding than the body of the email?
Email headers should use the ASCII charset, if you want the header fields to have a different encoding you need to use the encoded word syntax: The email body can be directly encoded in different encoding only if mail servers that transfer it have 8bit mime enabled (nowadays every mail server should have it enabled, but it's not guaranteed), otherwis

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In response header Content-encoding: gzip is present, but in request header Accept-encoding: gzip, deflate is missing
From RFC 7231: A request without an Accept-Encoding header field implies that the user agent has no preferences regarding content-codings. Although this allows the server to use any content-coding in a response, it does not imply that the user agent will be able to correctly process all encodings. In short: if you specify no Accept-Encoding, it's legal (though ill-advised) for the s

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Exact same code repeated multiple times for different data types; Any way to make one function that can handle all possible types?
Use an interface: public interface IPageData{ object LeftContent{get;} //Use the correct return type rather than 'object' here } Then when you declare your page types make sure you implement the interface: public class StandardPage:IPageData { ... } public class DoctorPage:IPageData{ ... } Then you can deserialise into a common object: IPageData pageData; switch(smartFormId) {

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