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CIL - How do I use a public static literal field?

You already have comments-as-answers from a C# perspective, but the CIL spec is more appropriate and rather explicit on it too:

I. Location signatures

The literal constraint promises that the value of the location is actually a fixed value of a built-in type. The value is specified as part of the constraint. Compilers are required to replace all references to the location with its value, and the VES therefore need not allocate space for the location. This constraint, while logically applicable to any location, shall only be placed on static fields of compound types. Fields that are so marked are not permitted to be referenced from CIL (they shall be in-lined to their constant value at compile time), but are available using reflection and tools that directly deal with the metadata.

So, no, there is no way at all to reference that field directly, and there isn't supposed to be.

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