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How to make if statement always returns true for Rspec?

The answer is to stub the method by using #stub or #should_receive.

Can you tell me where the find_config_const method is defined?

Suppose it is defined in SomeHelper. You could do:


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How to use sybase in built function with prepared statement insert statement?
Try using below code : insert into dbase..tempTable(Column1, Column2, Column3) select isnull(?,'X'),isnull(?,'Y'),cast(? as numeric(31,11)) pst.setString(1,str); pst.setString(2,str2); pst.setString(3,100); Hope this helps :)

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Syntax for MySQL SELECT statement with a subquery within the IF statement
You need a something before the subselect: SELECT * FROM Products WHERE Color = 'Black' AND IF (Item = 'Dresses' ?? (SELECT * FROM Products WHERE Price < '$300'), 1, 0) = 1 --------------------------^ I am not quite sure what, because there are many other problems, such as: Using * where a scalar subquery is expected. Using '$300' to presumably compare against a number. (Or worse, st

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jsp command <%=%> being ignored when it is used in a Javascript statement, inside a taglib tag statement?
Here's a bit of a cheat solution, you dont need the JSP tag in that JS call. In fact, it's tidier this way <jam:text onmousedown="movePage(;" id="<%=targetPage%>"><%=targetPage%></jam:text>

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How to use Rspec any_instance_of if you don't know all the WITH values
I think what you are looking for is the kind_of method user = User.make! expect_any_instance_of(Notifier).to receive(:tell_user).with(, kind_of(Numeric)) Message.create(author: User.make!, recepient: user, message: 'this is a test') You can also use instance_of(Fixnum) if you want to be more specific

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Rspec Testing SMTP Connection
smtp = '', example_port # smtp.enable_starttls_auto # uncomment this if starttls is needed # smtp.enable_tls # uncomment this if ssl/tls is needed but starttls is not supported smtp.start('') do expect{ smtp.authenticate '', 'mypassword', 'plain' }.to_not raise_error end Calling authenticate will raise a Net::SM

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