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How to check for an undefined or null variable in Swift?

"All I want to do is execute the if-statement if 'goBack' is undefined. How can I do that?"

To check whether a variable equals nil you can use a pretty cool feature of Swift called an if-let statement:

if let goBackConst = goBack {
    firstName.text = passFirstName1
    lastName.text = passLastName1

It's essentially the logical equivalent of "Can we store goBack as a non-optional constant, i.e. can we "let" a constant = goBack? If so, perform the following action."

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remove the *= require_tree . otherwise, you load everything twice and also there is no chance to load it in the correct order. rails just load it in a "random" way and then u most of the time run into errors.

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You have a typo in your last test, you forgot the word do: it "has attack action" do expect(hero.actions[:attack]).to eq(attack_action) end Everything passes once added.

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