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coredump at __correctly_grouped_prefixwc

First, although __correctly_grouped_prefixwc caused the segmentation fault, it's likely that it was passed incorrect arguments from some other piece of code, perhaps strtod or strtol or something that called them. That being said, here is how to set things up so that gdb can show the line of source code in __correctly_grouped_prefixwc that caused the segmentation fault.

To do source-level debugging, you need an executable or shared object's debug info, and its source code. Linux and Unix distributions in general do not include these by default, to conserve storage space, but they make them available as packages.

On CentOS, you just need to install the debuginfo package for each executable or library you're interested in. To do this, run

sudo yum install yum-utils

which will install the debuginfo-install program, then run

sudo debuginfo-install glibc

to download and install the glibc-debuginfo-2.5-123 package (your version number may vary). This will install, among many other files, /usr/lib/debug/lib64/, /usr/lib/debug/lib64/, and /usr/src/debug/glibc-2.5-20061008T1257/stdlib/grouping.c, which are what you need.

debuginfo-install is a short python program that enables the debuginfo repositories and downloads and installs the debuginfo package corresponding to the package you give as an argument, plus all its dependencies. As an alternative, you can download the debuginfo packages directly from (or any mirrors) and install them using rpm -i.

You mentioned that you got the error No debuginfo packages available to install. Perhaps you don't have the debuginfo repo configured. On my CentOS 5 system, the configuration is in the file /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Debuginfo.repo

# All debug packages from all the
various CentOS-5 releases
# are merged into a single repo, split by BaseArch
# Note: packages in the debuginfo repo are
currently not signed

name=CentOS-5 - Debuginfo

For other releases, general instructions for adding the debuginfo repo are in this CentOS wiki article.

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