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on boost::iter_split documentation

It looks like you're right. Of course, with a concrete container to receive the token iterator ranges, all the finding happens before returning with all those ranges appended to the result container.

So all the finding indeed will have been done.

(Stretching the imagination a bit: Perhaps the documentation is hinting at the input side of things: if you supply input iterators, information might not be immediately available, and obviously the algorithm will not return until the end iterator has been encountered.)

That is unless adding a token to the result range/reading from the source iterator aborts the search with an exception

I presume that the comment is a left-over from copying from corresponding find functions that take an output iterator. The output iterator might actually stop the algorithm halfway (consider a function_output_iterator with a lambda that throws when more than n elements have been found).

You could send a pull request to the library devs, or perhaps raise it on the boost mailing lists.

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