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Enhance my RegEx for proofreading


Try this.See demo.

Categories : C#

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Get words from a given word collection for proofreading
There are many algorithms available on internet that check similarity between two words. GetEdits is one of them. The following code can be used. However it may not be very efficient. static int GetEdits(string answer, string guess) { guess = guess.ToLower(); answer = answer.ToLower(); int[,] d = new int[answer.Length + 1, guess.Length + 1]; for (int i = 0; i <= answer.Length

Categories : C#
Is it possible to use $1 in a regex match?
PHP Regex uses 1 instead of $1. For more information, refer to the PHP Manual on regex back references.

Categories : PHP
regex wrap li with ul
You have to match all the <il> tags in one single match, so you need to use some flavor of multiline mode: s modifier makes . match against newline: /(</p><li>.*?</li></text>)+/is Also check this question/answer

Categories : PHP
Javascript - Add to a RegEx
I think you should be able to combine new regexp rule with old RegExp object if you use its source property. Try this: this.stripCharsRegex = new RegExp('(?=[^£$€])' + this.stripCharsRegex.source, 'gi'); Check test snippet below. var stripCharsRegex = new RegExp('[^0123456789.-]', 'gi'); alert( 'Total: $123 test - £80&dd'.replace(stripCharsRegex, '') ); // extend regexp by creating

Categories : Javascript
Is /a/g in {}/a/g a regex or a division?
No, {} is not an expression in this case. Quoting the relevant parts of the annotated standard: "An ExpressionStatement cannot start with an opening curly brace because that might make it ambiguous with a Block". In your case, {}/a/g is a block, followed by an expression statement consisting of a regular expression literal.

Categories : Javascript
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